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Call Us Free : +91 8146 8877 66 | +91-9888383815

Live Stage Show

Live Stage Show with fire jugglers


Giddha Group


Dj with awesome lights


Western Dance Group


Bhangra Group

Audioenergy is one of the powerful brand known throughout the dj’s Industry for Djs service, dance parties performances & Events.We know at particular occasion music is very important for you and for us extremely important to select music that are attractive to everyone and make sure the dance floor never be empty. We are specializing in Wedding / Wedding, conferences, Get Together, Birthday Party, College Party, Kitty Party etc. We are chandigarh based DJs. We are performing from the last five years.
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“I hired audioenergy for an event and I’m STILL hearing about how great a job he did! If you’re looking for a DJ that will tap into what your crowd wants, and keep the dance floor filled” Roshan singh

Roshan singh | “I hired audioenergy for an event and I’m STILL hearing about how great a […]

“Great service. Could not have had a better DJ. Great interaction with the wedding
guests, friendly service. Don’t change anything.”

Anuj paul | “Great service. Could not have had a better DJ. Great interaction with the wedding […]

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